News: Monklands Concert

The choir presented a concert in aid of Monklands Rotary Club in St Andrews Church, Coatbridge on Thursday 5th March. With regular accompanist Pamela otherwise engaged (see below) we were delighted to introduce an extremely able substitute in Fiona Mackie who, by sheer good luck (or was it foresight?), had been persuaded by Pamela to attend the choir rehearsal on Tuesday 'just in case'! It was an excellent concert delivered to a knowledgable and appreciative audience and gave us another chance to perform some of the new songs that we will feature over the next few weeks. The soloists were: Robert McDermott, The Laurel and Hardy Team, Ian Gray, Nat McKain, and the Jolly Beggars. The next concerts will be the Annual Concerts on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th March and will feature the choir and all the soloists used during the season. Fiona Mackie will also assist Pamela with the accompniments at these concerts. Tickets are available from memebers or via the 'Contact Us' link on this web site.

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