Baillieston Gospel Church

After a one year delay the original 'Baillieston Hope Hall' concert finally took place on Monday 7th December and did not disappoint.

The original concert at 'Hope Hall' was cancelled last December due to heavy snow and the original venue was changed recently due to an unfortunate fire, so once most of the choir members eventaully found the Baillieston Gospel Church (some didn't - sorry Mervyn), they delivered a concert worthy of the big hearted and enthusiastic audience. Soloists Bill Walker, Walter McLaren (accompanied by George Russell, David Smith, and John Hamilton), Hugh Grant (Cornet) and the Jolly Beggars all performed extremely well. The choir were in top form throughout the evening in the compact but acoustically excellent hall and the powerful last verse of Morte Criste raised more than a few tears among the appreciative audience. An excellent night all round!

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