news:January 2009

In December 2008 we were saddened to learn of the death of Jackie Stewart for many years a stalwart in the first tenors. The funeral was well attended by choir members for Jackie was a very popular man with a wicked sense of humour.

This humour was even evident at the funeral with the music chosen by him" My Way " from the Choir CD being played as we left the crematorium. This achieved I am sure his desired effect with all of us leaving with a smile.

Our own Cathy is well settled in Avonhaugh and greatly appreciates the many visits from choir members. The Jolly B's performed for her recently and Cathy was given a tambourine to show off her musical skills to the other residents. While mentioning the Jolly B's, this group under Musical Director George Russell gives up to 12 concerts a year to small groups and organisations. At full strength there can be 11 Choir members involved. Keep on going lads!

Our concerts in the past session have been well attended and even Gordon has been nearly pleased with them. Our highlight was probably at Stewarton although the concerts at South Parish Church East Kilbride, Cadzow Parish Church Hamilton and the Christian Aid concert in Blantyre were enjoyable. We also fully participated in the Stonehouse Christian Aid concert. And we now have our own all singing and dancing electric piano which is transportable. No more badly tuned pianos at concerts now! With our own staging and piano, surely we must be heading for the West End!

(Alistair Mackie – President)

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