Quarter Church Time & Venue Change 4th September

The first concert of our new session on Friday 4th September will now be held in the Banqueting Hall of the County Buildings, Almada Street, Hamilton and will take the form of a 'Civic Reception' celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Quarter Church, followed by a short concert by SMVC.

The church members and invited guests will have a dinner with formalities and speeches from 7pm - 8.40pm and the choir will give a 45 minute concert from 8.45pm - 9.30pm. The choir are asked to arrive at the Committee Room in the County Buildings at 8pm where refreshments will be provided prior to the 45 minute performance. It is an honour to be asked to participate at such an occassion and our performance will probably consist of 3 sets of 3 pieces and two solo/group items, and will be representative of some of the best pieces from our CD. It is an ideal type of event to start our season and the evening should end at the normal time - the only difference is that the refreshments will be before the performance instead of afterwards. Please pass on these details to any members you may be in contact with. Programme will be decided at our first meeting on Tuesday 1st September. Don't miss it!

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