Video Technology Impresses at Kirkton Parish Church

We returned to Kirkton PC Carluke on Mon 15th February which is a 'home game' for many of our members and the choir gave an entertaining and polished performance.

Robert McDermott (1st Tenor) deserves a special mention for stepping in at the last minute to sing 'Aye Fond Kiss' in the absence of one of his Tenor colleagues who reported ill. Ian Gray, rather poignantly after the record lottery 'pay-out' to an English couple the previous day sang 'If I Were A Rich Man' as if he really meant it, and an impressive Power Point history lesson was provided by George Russell explaining the history and connection of the people of Carluke to the founding of the town of Carluke in New Zealand, thus providing a reason for teaching us all to sing a Moari folk song (without grass skirts though!) accompanied by the Jolly Beggars. The most impressive feature of the evening however, was a live simultaneous video screening of the choir's performance in full flow, on to a huge screen on the back wall of the church, which clearly showed the conductors best side!

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