West Kirk East Kilbride

The second leg of the choir's Eat Kilbride tour saw another good turn out of members entertain a large and enthusiastic audience at the West Kirk.

'Walking In The Air', 'Hallelujah', and 'I'm Gonna Walk' were given their first outing in public and for the most part were successful with 'I'm Gonna Walk' getting a great response from the audience. 'Morte Criste' also made a re-appearance and impressed as our finale. Soloists Walter McLaren and Ian Gray performed with their usual professionalism and the Laurel and Hardy 'Team' of Bill Grainger, Alistair Mackie, George Russell, Ian Gray, and Simon and Ian Harkness delivered another show stopping performance. The Jolly Beggars also made everyone sit up with a rousing rendering of the sea shanty 'Haul Away Joe'. Next outing is on Monday 7th December at Hope Hall in Baillieston

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