Young Hero In Ashe Family

Logan Ashe (5) grandson of choir member Ray saves dad after gardening accident. Read on for newspaper report

Thursday 20th August 2009
Father hails five-year-old son as 999 call hero.

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy was hailed a hero last night after springing into action to save his dad, who had collapsed in the garden.

Quick-thinking Logan Ashe failed to panic after spotting his father Alan (35) slumped unconscious.

Dad Alan was cutting the grass when he became unwell and collapsed, smashing his head against a garage wall.

Brave Logan tried to wake him up after spotting him out cold at their home in Carluke, Lanarkshire.

But after several failed attempts he rushed to the phone and dialled 999, talking operators through what happened and directing them to their home.

Paramedics quickly arrived and roused a groggy Alan, who had no recollection of his fall.

Logan, who started Carluke Primary School this week, admitted he knew what to do after remembering being taught how to deal with emergencies at nursery.

Last night he was hailed a hero by dad Alan and mum Lorna.

Alan said, "I had had an extremely long day at work and wasn't feeling great but decided to cut the grass anyway.

"That's all I can really remember. I don't remember feeling ill before I collapsed or actually collapsing. It just came over me so quickly.

"It was such a shock to wake up with the police and paramedics all around me.

"They asked if I was OK and told me that I had fallen and banged my head against the garage.

"That's when I found out Logan had called them by himself. I couldn't believe it as it must have been a scary sight seeing his dad lying there unconscious.

"We are very proud of him. He is a real wee hero."

Hero Logan added, "I just remember trying to wake dad up and I couldn't.

"I was scared a little bit but I remembered what to do in nursery and phoned 999.

"I told them what had hap¬pened and told the ambulance where to come.

"The police came first, then the ambulance, who managed to wake my dad."

Alan first came to when paramedics arrived and he was taken to nearby Wishaw General Hospital for checks. He was discharged later that evening.

Both police and paramedics who attended the call were impressed by Logan's ability to stay calm and call for help.

Mum Lorna, a part-time fitness instructor, said, "For a young boy he is very confident and is always answering the phone in our house.

"But when my sister came to get me and said it was Logan who had phoned 999 I couldn't believe it.
"He must have learned to do that at nursery school. It's amazing he remembered what to do and have kept calm."

A spokesman for Strathclyde Police praised Logan's quick thinking.

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